Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Felt Mobile

I am quite fascinated by the art pieces made by Lupin... so beautiful and wonderful.  
Her work reminded me of Wassily Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric is one of the paintings of the artist:

Based on these two works, I have created this.  This is my first piece of work and I have more coming on the way:

Easter Bunny

This little bunny is so cute right?

A Simple Bag with Crochet Design

I was in the mood of shopping over the weekend and guess where I've gone....drove all the way to IMM... a little far though but the shopping trip was worthy.. I ended up in my favourite shop - Daiso where all items are sold at $2 each. I bought this china-made plain bag...

My intention - to get it decorate and sent over to Ya, the child I have sponsored in Thailand. I've spent lots of time on Crotchet and playing with different colour yarns and wool... and have done up this interesting motif. I intend to use ribbon as a border and then placed the 6 pieces of motif to enhance the look of the bag.... hmm now it looks good, isn't it...

Sock Animal - Night Owl

Been very busy lately with my new hand-stitched project - Sock Owls. I am intending to a mobile out of them. So far I have only completed one and will be making more... here they are:

Sock Animal - Owlet

This little owlet is made specially for Little Ezekiel.... He just loves it... :)

Sock Animals (Lazy Zebra)

This project was quite a challenge than the earlier sock owls. I have to create a hump on the back and a big belly on the zebra. I felt that the head is a little too big but overall it looks awesome. Takes me a few days to complete this project.

Felt Gift Bag

Made this specially for Adeline... my boss's new born.  This gift is for her first month celebration.

Felt Photo Frame

This idea came about when I last received a letter from Ya, my sponsored child in Thailand, who wrote to say that she would hang the photo I have sent her in her room.  I have just returned from my holiday and have lots of photo taken and thought it will be good if I sent her one more of my latest photo :)  So I started working on the photo frame.  I took about 5 hours to complete it.  I unpicked a few rounds of the sewing (silly me) due to some wrong judgement.... ha ha... but it is ok.... I learnt from my mistakes....