Sunday, 24 July 2011

About Bears

The Teddy Culture In Brief

Legend has it that the teddy bear was in 1902 first identified with the incident when the US President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear planned as a trophy for his hunting trip. The bear in time became known as Teddy's bear and was popularised by the first bear-making manufacturer- the Ideal Novelty & Toy Company. In Germany Richard & Margaret Steiff were said to have made the first movable teddies at about the same time that Berryman published his cartoon of President Roosevelt and his bear on the front page of the Washington Post. Antique and new teddies are now sold under such brand names of manufacturers like Bing, Chad Valley, Merrythought, Dean's, Hermann and Schuco.

In the 1980s artists' bears became established as bear-making became popular with home-crafters. Artists' bears are characterised by the innovative features introduced so that each bear is individually unique. Such bears are ideally fully handstitched and woven Mohair and glass eyes are used.

Teddies are not only collected but given away as mascots and as symbols of care and concern people have for each other - for children and adults alike. As mascots teddies are known for the therapeautic effect they have on people who are affected by their forelorn looks and cuddly appeal. Safety items like plastic eyes and plastic joints are used for children's toy bears. The market for antique and collectors' teddies are such that these teddies are items which are auctioned off at commercial houses like Christie's and Sotheby's. Teddies are also offered at public and private events and functions where funds are raised for charities. Teddy clubs are launched worldwide. The first Great Teddy Bear Rally was launched in 1979 - organised by the group called Good Bears of the World.

Some of the well-known bears are:

Paddington bear ............Mr Whoppit

Petsy..........Zotty,,,,,,Raffles Steiff
Elliot .......Happy......Winnie the Pooh

Rupert......................Teddy Girl ...Yogi-bear.......

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