Sunday, 4 March 2012

Chin Chin I, The Happy Doll

Handicraft Passion couldn't stop admiring the beautiful hand-made dolls made by Twig, Little Wooden Shoes & Dolls and Daydream. Well she felt she has to do something, just like these little lovely and adorable dolls. First it came with a little sketch of how Chin Chin is going to look:

Then Handicraft Passion transferred this draft into fabric and started cutting and stitching. On the way she made some mistakes and have them rectified. The most challenging thing is making the doll's wig. Somehow it turned out well...:) Handicraft Passion hereby presents you Ching Ching:

Chin Chin is standing at 18cm tall. She is made out of felt and cotton fabric. Facial expression is all hand-embroidered. What I love about Chin Chin? She is obviously a happy doll always wearing a while smile. Her smile makes you forget all unpleasant experience & feeling. She is also very playful and fun-loving.

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