Sunday, 15 July 2012

Crazy Over Macaron.... Purse(Code No. MP01)

Y knew I was crazy over macaron and she asked me to log into this website.....

I was immediately hooked by it.  The macaron purse is so cute and pretty.  I couldn't resist any longer.... I knew I need to start making these yummy looking macaron... I started making this and faced with lots of challenge... it took me the entire saturday afternoon sewing it... it wasn't a perfect macaron though but I just love the way it was being done... so full of challenges, patience and love... Bravo to myself for completing it... :)

Having say that, I am still not contented with this flat-top looking macaron.  So I rushed down to my favourite craft shop immediately to see if I could get the exact materials for making this yummy macaron purse... Anyway I couldn't find it them at all.  Well I managed to find something similar and tried improvising it.  Here is my second macaron purse, which I think is fit to be called a macaroon.

Here are the two types of macaron purses I've made so far:

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