Sunday, 26 August 2012 adventurous Sock Bunny

Shaun is an adventurous bunny who loves stuff that are loud. Just look at his bright maroon ribbon bow on his neck.  Shaun is carefully sewn entirely by hand without the use of sewing machine by Handicraft Passion.  Shaun is also glue-free and she is made out of a pair of brand new  socks in a smoke-free home.  Upholstery thread is used to ensure all buttons and embellishment do not come apart easily.  He is also stuff with 100% premium polyester fiberfill. 

Shaun is soft and will make a special gift for child or adult  He has his own personality and he is only made once, so nobody will have the same doll as yours.  He can also make a special gift for wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower..... He is also perfect as an ornament to beautify your room, car and even shelf. 

Measurement - Shaun stands at 41cm tall

Please note due to the presence of small components in the doll, Shaun is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Shaun is still available. 

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