Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ruby, a Sock Bear and a Huggable Buddy

She is Ruby.  Ruby is looking for a good home. She is made from a pair of knitted sock fabric. She  measures approximately 14 inches tall. She has a red felt heart embroidered on his chest, a red ribbon sewn on right ear  & pom pom tail. Ruby will make a huggable buddy for any child or child at heart. 

Story of Sock Dolls
A century ago, somewhere in North America, people started making Sock Dolls. It’s impossible to say exactly where or when they began, but Sock Dolls have been around since the late 1800's! During the Depression, when toys were too expensive and fabric was hard to come by, Sock Dolls were at the height of their popularity. Grandma would take a pair of Grandpas old work socks and make Grandbaby a Sock Doll of some sort. Anyone, with a little imagination & a pair of socks, could make one, and each one was as unique as the creators and the children for whom they were intended. Some had button eyes, some had embroidery, some had outfits. Many were stuffed with old nylon stockings and during WWII, a few were even stuffed with newspaper! Over the years, several Animal patterns appeared, but the Bunny always remained a favorite.

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