Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tilda Spring Bunny

Tilda Spring Bear is a sweet and homely bunny, 100% handmade from sweet pink cotton fabric. She is dressed in a sweet pink mini strawberry print pinafore dress and a pair of white spring flower pantaloon and a matching hat.

Her gentle features ie eyes and nose are all hand embroidered.  She stands (though not unaided) at approximately 30cm tall, sits easily and her arms are movable.

Although she might appeal to all ages, Tilda Spring Bunny has buttons, which are securely fixed but make her unsuitable for small children.

Tilda Spring Bunny is a suitable gift for Easter, but it can make children happy in every other occasion.  It is unique and one of a kind gift-with a CERTAIN charm.

Tilda Spring Bunny would like a loving owner.

NOTE: if you would like a custom order of this doll, please feel free to contact me at handicraftpassion@gmail.com 

~~Made with love by Handicraft Passion♥~~

Price: SGD40 (Excluding Postage/Shipping Cost)

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