Sunday, 11 May 2014

Baby Bear Series - Baby Bear Cha Cha

Baby Bear Cha Cha is a handmade sock bear sewn from with a pair of new fuzzy socks and stuffed with polyfill.   His facial expressions are all embroidered and he loves to wear a bright pink satin ribbon. The most distinctive feature of Baby Bear Cha Cha is his big head and short body.

Cha Cha is unique with his own quirks and one of a kind in every way as no patterns were used when making him.  He is entirely hand-sewn in  a smoke-free home.

Measurement: Cha Cha stands at a height of 23cm.

~~Made with love by Handicraft Passion♥~~

Baby Bear Cha Cha is adopted by a kind and loving family.  

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