Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Azuma Bukuro

It has been a while since i last visited my blog.  Life has been good to me. I learnt new things and continue with life.  I have ventured into much challenging sewing (handsewn) and I am very happy with all my achievements.

Lately I have been making azuma bukuro bags.  Azumo Bukuro is a very simple japanese-one-cloth bag.  Though it is just made of just a piece of cloth, it is sturdy enough to hold lots of things.  The length of the handle of the  bag is adjustable in accordance to the size of the contents in the bag.  I cannot help but fall in love with all the azumo bukuro I have handsewn.  They are certainly handmade with tender love...

It's Teachers' Day celebration today in school and my boys' teachers may have gotten one of these bags.  Hope you love them.  Do drop me an email at handicrafpassion@gmail.com if you are not sure how to tie it.

Here I am, wishing all Teachers... a Blessed Teachers' Day...have fun with my Azuma Bukuro.

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