Sunday, 19 February 2012

Granny Squares

Granny squares, one of the most staple craft patterns amongst crocheters, come in different pattern and colours. It is a made of crocheting several rounds of stitches to form a square. I started off the granny square project mid last year hoping to make a nice throw over or a cushion covers. Handicraft Passion couldn’t recall how many dozens she has already made as she was completely smitten with the pretty colourful squares in every one that she has made. The fact that having to make the same patterns repeatedly for such a long period of time could slowly retard the keen interest . She then put a stop in making more probably, well most likely just a mere excuse, because of running out of thread and didn’t bother to make an effort to replace them. Anyway, since Handicraft Passion is now into making very colourful art and has just completed an art work on Seeing Circles, it just struck her mind that she has some beautiful granny squares waiting to be used. Without hesitation, she is intending to put them to use very soon.....

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