Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sweet Pinkie

Happy new year folks n Gong Xi Fai Cai:)

Been hibernating n not very active lately due to hectic work n busy making cny cookies for family n friends. In December Cindy n I set up a little stall to sell our stuff. I brought out all the stuff I've sewn so far and well sales were good probably because it was bonus time n it was near christmas! Anyway I still have a few left over not because they were unwanted but because I did not stay long enough to sell them...hmm...pure excuses!!!

I started sewing again yesterday. I must say I really find it very theraputic. I wouldn't bear to stop, well too eager to reach the destined result;). However though the mind was so eager and willing, the body started to protest and sending strong signal that I should stop otherwise...... Sadly, I stopped at 12.30am and continue the task the next day. I woke up rather early this morning and continued what I have left from yesterday's sewing. Again I have to stop as I need to get to work. Good thing was : there was mot much to do except assembling the pieces together into the final product. I managed to complete this project in the evening BRAVO! Meet my new creation, Sweet Pinkie.
I will be giving her away as a farewell gift to my Colleague who will be leaving for a better future. All the best to you in your future endeavour.

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