Thursday, 21 June 2012

So Near to Death, So Happy Being Alive

Don’t be alarmed.... Yes, Handicraft Passion did not end up in holidaying in Cameron Highlands as planned.  She met with an accident on her way.... See how serious the car accident... Her Honda Stream was trying to avoid an oncoming car, hit onto a lamp post and plunged straight into the river, hit the foot of the hill, overturned and that was how Honda Stream was found lying.  Sounded like an action movie.  Handicraft Passion was blacked out for a while but the screams of her loved ones woke her up.  Handicraft Passion once again felt a sudden fear that the passengers would either be dead or seriously injured.  She thought she would be dying soon until someone shouted “Just move out of the car slowly.  Everything is ok”... It was so calming at that instance.  Handicraft Passion suddenly felt that she has just resurrected from the dead.  She couldn’t ask herself “Am I dead? Am I human or just a spirit!”   It was like having a “Split Personality”.  She met a few Samaritans who went ahead to help to get everyone out of the accident scene and to the nearby hospital and police station.  Everything started to get chaotic – many many arrangement had to be made.  Gosh... At that moment, Handicraft Passion just wished to break down and cry but had to control herself and remained brave.  Her loved ones are so badly injured and she has to remain “composed” and strong to help them.

Handicraft Passion and loved ones finally flew back almost the next morning.  Nothing feels better than home.  Really nothing.. For that instance, the words “Home Sweet Home” became so wonderful to me.  Almost immediately, the entire loved ones made their way to the hospital in Singapore again where we were attended almost immediately.

To those samaritans in Cameron Highlands and in Singapore who have braved their way to save hers and her loved ones, who render relentless effort to ensure they were all well taken care, a very big THANK YOU to you.  Without you, Handicraft Passion and loved ones would be so much worst.

Handicraft Passion and loved ones are recovering slowly.  Although being injured, Handicraft Passion and her loved ones Thank God for Keeping us Alive.

So near to was surely which Handicraft Passion will never forget ever in her life.

Goodbye Honda Stream... Your air bag has saved precious lives.  Handicraft Passion and her loved ones would miss you.


  1. This is awful news ! Wishing you all a speedy recovery. Marion x

  2. Thanks Marion. We are all upheld by God's grace. It was such a scary experience for us. Thanks for the kind wishes, greatly appreciate it.