Thursday, 7 June 2012

Taking a Little Break

Handicraft Passion will be off for a few days to a very beautiful world in the highlands.  She is excited over the fresh air, the fragrance of the spring flowers, sipping tea and having slices after slices of butter cakes and not forgetting the yummy scones in the beautiful pavilion overlooking the tea plantation, the simple but yet interesting night bazaar (oh how i miss the famous sweet potato balls) etc.....and the most important of all....rejuvenating the soul and getting close to nature once again.  

She is going to miss you but please do not stop popping by for some excitement or update of her trip.  Before she goes, she would like to show you "incomplete" bridal bunny, Carmie, - huh only the veil and a little touching up are needed.  Well for the groom, he will be completed shortly.... yes he will be...promised by Handicraft Passion. 

Here is Carmie, the first "yet-to-be" bunny bride produced by Handicraft Passion:


Thank you for popping in here, it's always lovely to see you ......wishing you a wonderful, happy, colourful and cosy weekend....Will be back soon :) xxxx


  1. Carnie is so cute!
    have a great break
    love jooles x

  2. Have a wonderful time full of special moments
    Kindest Regards Linda

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