Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Support Handmade

It’s so difficult for me to resist making more of these shabby chic tilda hearts (inspired by Norwegian Tone Finnanger).  They are simply addictive and inviting to make and they really look so good as decorative items around the house.  Well I even got some hanging in my kitchen as well :)  However the hardest part in making them is not the sewing part but getting the right kind of fabric.  Thanks to our students here in the Fashion Programme, I managed to get hold of some beautiful fabric at very good price.  I also visited spotlight recently to satisfy my hunger for more beautiful fabric.  Stacking all the collection together has given me the inspiration to create more craft work...more patterns, more colours....I simply cannot stop myself from pulling each and every fabric out from the pile just simply to admire the beauty in every print in each fabric....but but but the next harder thing comes the time to produce them...i have to confess that the men at home are not really encouraging as they see the craft work I made very too feminine to their liking.. Oh how I hope they would come to their right sense to just take a little effort to see the hidden beauty behind every handmade craft around the house.

Anyway I have decided to create more crafts despite the negative pressure because I really love craft and it is part of my passion to make them.  I believe many handmade artists and crafters need your support too....Do support us...Support Handmade Arts & Crafts 

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