Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Good Morning Towel Bag

Ask anyone in Singapore about Good Morning Towels and you will definitely see a nod in their head...These childhood nostalgia are one of the common items you will find in almost every households.  In the past, these ubiquitous towel were used as a face or bath towels, used by rickshaw pullers to wipe off their perspiration, kopitiam waiters to wipe the tables, barbers or even doctors.  They simply bring so much fond memories of my childhood and never fail to bring a smile to me whenever I see these towels.

This ring handle bag is made from two good quality and soft GOOD MORNING Towels.  Embellished with two mini pretty blue roses, this simple bag is sturdy enough as a lunch bag or even a shopping bag where you can place all your little items.  It is entirely hand-sewn with 100% of love and care. 

~~Made with love by Handicraft Passion♥~~
 Do email me at :,  if you are interested
Price: SGD12 (Excluding Postage/Shipping Cost)

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