Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sweety....A Pretty Christmas Bunny

Sweetie...a pretty sweet looking sock bunny is made from a pair of printed sock and filled by polyester filling.  She is adorned with pretty rose white ribbon and her eyes and nose are embroidered.  She will warm your heart and make you smile.  

Sweetie was lovingly and carefully sewn entirely by hand without the use of sewing machines. She is also glue-free. All of the socks and other materials that I use are brand new and is made in a smoke-free home.

Sweetie is designed and created for decorative purposes as collectible art pieces for children and adults alike. While she is not intended for rough play  she is made with the knowledge that they might end up in little hands from time to time. Therefore, they are reasonably sturdy and can withstand drops, handling, gentle tugs, and hugs. 

Size of Sweetie:  approx 12' tall

Sweetie has found a lovely owner who will hug and love her dearly

~~Made with love by Handicraft Passion♥~~

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