Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Rico The Woodland Raccoon

Rico, The Raccoon, is one the friendliest woodland buddies.  He is made from 2 pairs of new socks and stuffed with polyfill.   His facial expressions are all embroidered including her two little hands which were tugged into his side pockets.

Rico is unique with his own quirks and is one of a kind in every way as no pattern were used when making him.  He is entirely hand-sewn in  a smoke-free home. He is designed and created for decorative purposes  or/and as collectible art pieces for children and adults alike.  While he is not intended for rough play, he is made with the knowledge that she might end up in little hands from time to time. Therefore, he is sewn reasonably sturdy and can withstand droops, handling, gentle tugs and hugs.

As Rico has small components such as button eyes and nose, please exercise discretion if you plan to give her as a gift to very young kids.

Measurement: Rico stands at a height of 23cm.

Rico is looking to be adopted by a kind and loving family member.

~~Made with love by Handicraft Passion♥~~

Do email me at :,  if you are interested
Price: SGD16 (Excluding Postage/Shipping Cost)

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